House in Ölü-Deniz, Turkey

Project: Walter Stelzhammer
Collaborators: Franz Schneeflock (carpentry), Josef Reiter (blacksmith), Johann Reiter (electrical system), Emin Usta, Mustafa Çardas (stone walls), Kurt Seehofer (sculptures)
Nocturnal view. The light emanated on the outside through apertures and gratings transforms the elevation into a minutely and elegantly designed feature.
When architects build their own houses, they generally represent an uninteresting architectural equivalent of their economic success. In this case the absolute opposite occurs: an Austrian architect, obsessed by a remote site on the Turkish coast, tries out on himself the extreme situations linked to the archaic process of designing and constructing a house with one's own hands. It is the realization of a dream, a vision; the obsession with creating a particular place, drastically limited by the potential of one's own work and physical energy. It is a singular and elementary building: a true catharsis of technique, space and place. It is an absolutely primitive architecture, which could hardly have been experienced and known in a more essential manner.