MegaBaumax-x Brünnerstraße

planning/­construction period: 2001 - 2004
client:Immorent, Schömer (Baumax)
adress:1210 Wien, Brünnerstraße 74 / Shuttelworthstraße 2-4
Brief description

The project is based upon an urban development concept made in cooperation with architect Ernst Hoffmann.
Our aim was to plan a building centre with about 10.000 m2 sales area.
The usually separated departments for home improvement and gardening are in this case concentrated in one single building. The home improvement area develops in two floors and the gardening department spreads over an interior and an exterior ground floor area.
Following different needs in height, we?ve designed a slightly bowed roof, descending from the front-peak down to the porch over the outdoor sales area in the rear.


The facade was supposed to function as a shop-window and was to allow natural lighting, but it had to hide the high rise racks and storage rooms as well.
Therefore we?ve chosen to reduce cladding only to two elements:
Glass fronts, where the interior presents itself as a showcase and Trimo facade panels for closed walls and blinds for the delivery and the storage areas behind.
In order to integrate the outside zones in the main building, the glass fronts and Trimo-fa?ade-panels were used as well to enclose the open sales areas of the gardening department.


Though the most outstriking part of the object is certainly the distinctive tapered glass front at the main front, a veritable eye catcher seen from the Br?nnerstrasse.

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The project received the Award for Complete Architectural Solution at the Trimo Architectural Awards 2005
Mega Baumax Architektur Zentrum Wien / nextroom 08.10.2005 (german)
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MegaBaumax, Wien

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photos: © Rupert Steiner

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